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Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is a rectangular plaza that is surrounded by the ruins of many vital historical and ancient governmental buildings in the heart of Rome. The residents of the ancient city referred to the Roman Forum as the Forum or Forum Magnum.

The popular tourist attraction was a popular venue for elections for centuries, a site of triumphal processions and a center of Roman public life. The Roman Forum has also been used as a venue for gladiatorial matches, criminal trials and public speeches. The Forum was a center of commercial activities in the ancient city.

There are stunning monuments and statues that are designed to show respects to the great men of Rome around the forum. The Roman Forum is often referred to as the most celebrated meeting place in all history and in the entire universe.

Roman Forum is located in a popular valley between the Capitoline Hill and the Palatine Hill. It can be described as a collection of ruins of architectural fragments. As mentioned, the Roman Forum is a popular tourist attraction that attracts more than 4.5 million tourists every year.

The tourist attraction is more famous because many of the most vital ancient structures of Rome were located near, or even on it. The earliest temples and shrines of the Roman Kingdom were on the southern edge of the forum. Among these are the 8th century Regia, the formal ancient royal residence, the 7th century Temple of Vesta and the surrounding Vestal Virgins complex.

The forum also has some archaic shrines to its northwest and these include the Shrine of Vulcan and the Umbilicus Urbis. The Republican government and the Senate began originally at the Shrine of Vulcan after which the tribunals, government offices, memorials, temples and statues eventually cluttered the place.

The Roman Forum fell and became abandoned after the fall of the Empire of Rome until it eventually became used as a pasture land. The surroundings of the Forum were excavated systematically in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the excavation process has continued from then till now.

The Roman Forum is a confusing collection of ruins from different historical periods for a layman. For the average visitor to really understand the different histories and uses of the forum, they will need to take an audio tour device, a guided tour or a good and informative book.

The area to cover in the Roman Forum is large to some extent and it does not have much shade. Thus, it is advisable to take plenty of fluids along. The time you will spend in the Roman Forum depends on the kind of tour you take and the kind of interest you have in the ruins.

The normal routine of a visit is to explore the tourist attraction and exit at the Colosseum end of Roman Forum. Please note that you cannot re-enter via this route. Visitors can also exit the forum at the Capitoline Hill but cannot re-enter here either.

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