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Vatican Museums

The museums of the Vatican City are known as the Vatican museums, or “Musei Vaticani” in Italian. The museums were founded in the early 16th century by Pope Julius II.

The exhibits of the museum are made up of the great collections that were gathered and brought together by the popes over the centuries. These include some of the most vital masterpieces of the world’s renaissance art and some of the best classical sculptures you have ever seen.

The Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms with lots of sculpture galleries, frescos and tapestries, can be found in the Vatican Museums. The astonishing decorations of the ceilings of the Stanze di Raffaello by Raphael and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo are always adorable and admired by visitors. These two attractions welcome millions of people every year, making the Vatican museums one of the most visited museums of art across the world.

The famous Sistine Chapel is the best part of the visit for most of the first time visitors. Just as you enter the Sistine Chapel, it becomes obvious that you are there because there is a unique hush that descends to welcome you and everyone has their eyes fixed on the ceiling.

The walls of the chapel were originally decorated with colorful paintings by great renaissances such as Ghirlandaio and Botticelli. These became secondary when Michelangelo redecorated the place with magnificently stunning fresco.

The Vatican museums have 54 galleries in total which make it one of the world’s largest museums. The museums have great complex made up of numerous unique collections.

The Vatican museums are astonishing for everybody to visit. However, a true lover of art would find it difficult to leave the attraction. If you are a lover of art, you may end up staying at the museums for up to four or five hours if you do not plan your time ahead and adhere to the plans.

The Vatican museums can be better explored with the help of a guided tour. Visitors can get a traditional audio guide at the information desk of the museums. Vatican museum has about four hundred different audio stops for visitors and the audio guides are available in ten different languages which include English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

An English tour conducted by a professional and official Vatican Tour Guide is also available at the museum. The tour lasts for two good hours, but it requires advance booking. The tour takes tourists through the most vital religious and cultural areas of the Vatican Museum.

Visitors of the Vatican museums need to plan their time in the attraction to be able to explore the exhibitions fully within a reasonable time period. You can start your Vatican museum’s tour with the Pinecone courtyard known as “Cortile della Pigna” in Italian and later to the Sistine. Food and drinks abound in a self-service restaurant at the museums.

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