Angel Island

San Francisco, United States

The Angel Island is an island that is located on the Bay of San Francisco. The island is one of the most beautiful islands in the San Francisco Bay and it offers a sweeping 360 degrees view of the Marin County Headlands, the San Francisco Skyline, and the Mount Tamalpais. The Angel Island is an historical landmark of California, and it has been used for several purposes such as a US Bureau of Immigration inspection and detention facility, a US Public Health Service Quarantine Station, and a military forts. The entire Angel Island is currently administered by the California State Parks.

The hidden Island is a wonderful place for adventure, fun, and food. The island’s cafĂ© provides made-to-order delicious foods. They have great specialty sandwich, amazing barbeque pork sandwich, and a secret sauce that you will reminisce for a very long time. Visitors can also enjoy some other snacks, wine, and beer. The island has a store where you can get small items.

You can explore and enjoy the Angel Island by taking one of its guided tours in a ferry ride. The ferry ride with the sandwich is like experiencing a paradise. The guided tour helps visitors to learn the intriguing fascinating history of the Angel Island and have stunning views of great sites on an open tram, bike, hike or segway.

The Angel Island State Park is a stunning area on the island that is being used as venues for special events. The park provides impressive outdoor settings to reinvigorate and inspire your special occasions. People enjoy family occasions, birthday celebrations, corporate meetings, and corporate outings, amongst others. Check out the Angel Island if you need a special place for a family outing or a fun day date.

The major path outlining the island is the paved Perimeter Road. The road is paved all over the island, making it possible for visitors to have astonishing views of the whole bay as they stroll around.

Visitors can access the Angel Island from Pier 41. You can take the Blue & Gold Fleet or any other ferry that tours the island. Get to the top of the Mt. Livermore to experience the bay’s astonishing 360 degree views.

The Angel Island is an incredible state park. The voyage to the island is very scenic that you would love the ferry ride to be longer. There are various options for hiking and biking on the Angel Island. The hike may be a little hard, but it is really worth it. You can take a bike along to the Island if you don’t want to do the hiking. Riding a bike is the best way to get around the island. Visitors can also rent bikes on the Angel Island. You can camp on the island as well.

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