Aquarium of the Bay

San Francisco, United States

The Aquarium of the Bay is a public aquarium sighted at the extreme end of Pier 39 at the Beach Street and Embarcadero, San Francisco.

The nonprofit educational entertainment facility is focused on amazing wealth of native, local aquatic animals from the California neighboring waters and the San Francisco Bay. Opened in the year 1996, the Aquarium of the Bay has an area of 64,990 ft². The aquarium is an accredited member of the “Association of Zoos and Aquariums” and an affiliate of “The Bay Institute.”

Explore the beauty, wonder and magic of the aquarium by getting under the bay to discover, touch and feel the stunning jaw-dropping bay. Exploring the Aquarium of the Bay begins with the “Discover the Bay” exhibit. This features the unique ecosystem with astonishing varieties of marine life. There are more than 20,000 aquatic animals in the aquarium, and you will see the creatures that live in the Bay.

“Beauties of the Bay” is an impressive exhibition of the Aquarium that allows visitors to see the most colorful aquatic animals. These include the California State Marine Fish also known as the bright orange Garibaldi, rockfish of varying colors and green Moray Eels on the right side of the first habitat.

Visit Aquarium of the Bay to see and learn about the swirling of anchovies in the swirling school of anchovies. The anchovy’s sensory organs are the literal lines on their bodies. These lines help the animals to sense and avoid predators by sticking together. The Aquarium of the Bay is a nursery ground to lots of fish species. Explore the newborns under water and see the juvenile perch, freshly hatched skates and other species.

The main “Under the Bay” part of the aquarium is mesmerizing. This area features pacific sea Nettles and Moon Jellies. A wall-mounted 740-gallon kriesel tank displays the pacific Sea Nettles while the 725-gallon cylinder tank at the center and front displays moon Jellies. All the aquarium tanks contain 700,000 gallons of water in total. The mood is made extremely attractive and beautiful with the ambient lightening of red and blue.

Other aquatic animals enclosed within the aquarium are the various species of sharks, giant pacific octopuses and a rainbow of rockfish.

In the second crystal clear tunnel exhibit, explore the deeper waters of the Aquarium and see the rays, sharks, sturgeons and soar beyond. This is a place where tourists feed their curiosity for sharks. The local species of sharks you can see at the aquarium are the Sevengill sharks, soupfin sharks, leopard sharks and the spiny dogfish. The Sevengill sharks are the largest predators of the Bay.

Enjoy a fascinating exploitation of the aquarium’s marine creators which includes over 20,000 aquatic animals. Go 300 feet under the tanks via the acrylic tunnels and have a wow interactive touch pool at the Bay.

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