AT&T Park

San Francisco, United States

The AT&T Park was opened on the 31st of March, 2000 as a base ball park in San Francisco’s south base neighborhood. The park has a capacity of 41,915 and it is the home of San Francisco’s Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise, which is known as the “San Francisco Giants.”

The park was originally named Pacific Bell Park but was renamed AT&T Park when SBC communications acquired the facility in 2006.

AT&T Park is located in a segment of the San Francisco Bay called McCovey Cove. The park is a venue for various sporting activities and musical events. It was the home of California Golden Bears Football Team for the 2011 season when the memorial stadium was under renovations and retrofitting. The park also hosted a college football bowl game between 2002 and 2013.

The park is among the most socially engaged venues in the whole world. Visitors and fans visits and gather at the walk-in at café (@cafe) behind the centerfield bleachers during games to follow the worldwide social media chatter about the coaches, players, teams, and other things related to #SFGiants.

The @cafe is a popular attraction of the park with a 12 foot by 4 foot video wall displaying the most recent updates including check-ins, recent results from Facebook pools, popular Instagram photos, and trending tweets. The coffee bar at the café offers coffee services and full espresso.

The AT&T Park is a great place for adults or kids, baseball fanatics, Giant fans, and other visitors of San Francisco. There are guided public tours at the park. The public tours start from the Giant Dugout Store and last for about 90 minutes. Visitors can buy their tickets at any Giants Dugout Store or directly from the official website of the park.

Rain or shine, the public tours at the AT&T Park are available daily at 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM, and there are additional tours from June to August at 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. However there are no tours on public holidays and a few other days specified on the official website of the giants.

Visitors can also get a private tour. The private tours accommodate groups of any size and they are available for all ages. Visitors enjoy their tour by adding lunch with the group in the ballpark where they can eat and have amazing views of the architectural marvel. The lunch could be before or after the tour.

One of the most popular tours of the AT&T Park is the “Private behind the scenes tour.” The tour takes you to places where only the coaches and the players go which include the field of play, the Giants’ dugout, the visitor’s clubhouse, and a lot more. A private behind the scenes tour can last for about 90 minutes.

Another very popular tour of the park is the “Batting Practice Tour.” This tour is a pre-game tour that allows a group of 30 tourists at most, to walk around the public area of the stadium on a Giants game’s day before the gates are opened. Visitors learn about the beautiful waterfront ballpark and the history of the team during the guided tour. Visitors also see the Giants as they engage in on-field batting practice.

Other great tours of the park include the educational school tour, McCovey Cove Pizza Party Tour, birthday tour and the Private Ballpark Tours.

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