California Academy of Sciences

San Francisco, United States

The California Academy of Sciences is a renowned educational and scientific institution that is dedicated to sustaining, explaining and exploring life on Earth. The academy’s museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the whole wide world. There are more than 26 million specimens housed within the California Academy of Sciences.

The Academy started in 1853, but it was rebuilt completely in 2008. The building is one of the latest museums of natural history in America. It covers exactly 37,000 square metres.

The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is fun for people of all ages. The academy has the largest all-digital planetarium in the world, a classic museum, a four-story rain forest, and an aquarium all under one single roof. The museum is home to over 40,000 live animals, various engaging exhibits, and cutting-edge research.

Among the most famous exhibits of the academy is the Steinhart Aquarium, which encloses more than 40,000 aquatic animals with over 900 different species. Explore the water planet and see the penguins, sharks, lumpsuckers, seahorses, pythons, jellies, pipefish and other exotic fishes.

Another popular exhibition of the California Academy of Sciences is the Kimball Natural History Museum. The museum has over 26 million specimens for visitors to explore and learn the evolution and maintenance of life on Earth. These include the T-Rex skeleton and the popular 87 foot long blue whale.

The four-story rain forest of the academy is also a popular exhibition. The magnificent ecosystem is fully enclosed and gives visitors access to explore the underwater tunnels and climb through the lush canopy.

The Morrison Planetarium of the academy — which is the largest all-digital planetarium of the world exhibit — shows frequently with its state of the art technology and project. Enjoy the stunning visualizations of the discoveries, latest findings and theories of the universe at the Morrison Planetarium. Every galaxy or star that a visitor comes across in the planetarium precisely reflects a real world counterpart.

The California Academy of Sciences has a naturalist center. The center contains the academy’s resource center and library and it is an excellent place to interact with other visitors and staffs. It is also a perfect place to discover more about the exhibits.

Also enjoy the 3D theater and auditorium that runs daily programs, lectures, movies and temporary exhibits.

The Earthquake is another major exhibit of the academy. It explores the fascinating geologic transformations of the seismic science of Earth and forces that affects our daily living. It has large scale installations such as a walk through planet Earth model, an earthquake simulator, and an interactive environment that orientates visitors on earthquake preparedness.

The roof of the California Academy of Sciences is extremely unique and beautiful with seven hills that is edged by solar panels and are lined with 50,000 porous biodegradable trays of vegetation.

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