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The Chinatown in San Francisco is located on Stockton Street and Grant Avenue. It is the largest community of Chinese outside the boundaries of Asia. The Chinatown was established in 1848 and has been very influential and important in the culture and history of Chinese immigrants in the United States. The Chinatown retains its unique identity, languages, customs, social clubs, and worship places. It has a post office, various parks and squares, two hospitals, and many other infrastructures. Many elderly people and new immigrants lives in here, perhaps because they are familiar with the culture and the houses are quite affordable.

The Chinatown is one of the major tourist attractions in San Francisco. It attracts more visitors yearly than the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Visiting Chinatown is like making a quick journey to Hong Kong’s past and present. The Chinese residential area comprises of inexpensive but fantastic restaurants and great markets. Visitors enjoy filling and great meals in the Chinatown restaurant.

Just as you take a step into Chinatown, you feel like you are completely in another world. You feel the Chinese culture instantly with old people playing mahjong, thousands of bakeries, lantern strewn, and Chinese stores across the street. Tourists get bombarded by people giving them menus and requesting them to give their restaurant a try as they walk down the streets.

The original Chinatown is always overcrowded. There is an alternative that is smaller and perhaps cooler, since it is less crowded. The New Chinatown is located at Clement Street and 5th Avenue. It is 3 miles from the original Chinatown and therefore requires taking a taxi or bus.

Chinatown should be on any visitors list of things to do in the city of San Francisco. It is a great place to visit along with a walk through the Italian section near the North Beach.

A visitor that visits the Chinatown during Chinese New Year enjoys varieties of events. The Chinese New Year Parade is widely recognized as one of the world’s best parades. The parade is always an attraction for visitors. Tourists also enjoy various activities such as traditional Chinese music and dancing during the Chinese New Year Flower Fair.

Other events in Chinatown take place from September to December. These include the Annual Autumn Moon Festival and the Chinatown Night Market Fair.

The best way to explore, enjoy, and get the most of Chinatown is to take one of the numerous guided tours available. Tourists can get good tours of the Chinatown from the culture and historical centers.

Visitors can also enjoy excellent tours via Alcatraz San Francisco. They offer about 12 unique Chinatown tours. Some of the tours include food, some are general walking tours, and there is one that includes a bay cruise. The tours walk visitors through the most important local points of interest in Chinatown and provide them with information on the history of the place.

Chinatown, San Francisco, is a place to enjoy wonderful traditional Chinese meals like a local. Knickknacks and Souvenirs are available, especially near the Grant Street’s Chinatown gate.

The Chinese are specialists in teas and natural herbs. Some of the most popular natural herbs tea shops patronized by tourists, are the Superior Trading Company on 837 Washington, Great China Herb Co. on 857 Washington, and Imperial Tea Court on 1411 Powell.

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