San Francisco, United States

Crissy Field

The Crissy Field is part of the San Francisco Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was formally used as an airfield until 1974 by the U.S. Army. The Crissy field has an area of 130 acres of land.

The field was transformed into a vibrant and stunning environmental attraction from 2001 through the generosity of its major sponsors, donors, and thousands of community volunteers.

Many of the old warehouses in the field have been repurposed and renovated. The tidal wetlands have been restored; the old shoreline is now a rocking beach with attractive sand dunes and green grasses where dogs frolic, has been used to replace the old airfield.

The Crissy Field is one of the best examples of the San Francisco urban renewal. The attraction looks gorgeous with reconstructed sidewalks, boardwalks and lovely engaging trails that connect great points from the Crissy Field Center to the Warming Hut and to the Fort Point.

The restored Crissy Field is an amazing place for tourists today. It is a great attraction for people to stroll around and bike. Visitors bike on the hard-packed, flat promenade of the field while they enjoy stunning views of the iconic places like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge.

At the Crissy Fields, you will find beaches, renowned windsurfing, tidal marsh overlooks, and picnic tables. There is a Beach Hut Café where visitors enjoy tasty treats. The café is located near the Crissy Field Center on the east end. There is also another warming hut that provides delicious sandwiches, snacks and drinks at the west end of the Crissy Field.

The Crissy Field center is a youth center with a dynamic hub. The center has numerous programs that motivate and teach the new generations to become outstanding leaders for a more environmentally just society.

Visitors enjoy the great selection of eco-friendly merchandise and park gear of the field. Whether you are visiting the park for the first time or a local park enthusiast, the Crissy Field tours have something unique for you. You can join the park experts on an exciting guided tour as you explore the field.

You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate National Parks from an entirely different perspective. Crissy Field is an astonishing place for photography. It is a perfect example of a photographers dream. You could take great perspective snapshots of the beach, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, birds, happy dogs, and the Marin Headlands amongst other.

Almost all beaches are beautiful, but the Crissy Field beach is exceptionally different with the site of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

Crissy Field is a very good place to park free and stroll to the Golden Gate Bridge and the pavilion. You got to see the Golden Gate Bridge from a very stunning perspective as you move closer from the Crissy Field.

Bring layers along when visiting, since the weather in Crissy Field is unpredictable; it is windy and could be extremely cold at times and could be hot at other times.

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