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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate strait, being the 4.8 km long and 1.6 km wide channel between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The bridge connects the peninsula of San Francisco to the Marin County.

The Golden Gate Bridge is renown all over the world and its one of the internationally recognized icons of the United States, California, and San Francisco. The cost of construction of the famous bridge in the early 20th century includes a principal of $35 million, interest of $39 million, and the lives of 11 workers. The twin towers that anchored the single suspension span reached 746 feet skyward. It was once the tallest structure in San Francisco. Two cables — each over 7,000 feet long and containing 80,000 miles of wire — were used to support the suspended roadway. The wires stretch through the towers top and are rooted on the shore in concrete anchorages.

The bridge was once criticized that it could not be built. The construction was planned for more than ten years, but it was actually constructed in four years and four months between 1933 and 1937. The construction witnessed relentless struggles against winds, rocks, fogs and treacherous tides. The American Society of Civil Engineers declared the Golden Gate Bridge as one of the “seven Wonders of the Modern World.” The architectural masterpiece is attributed to architect Joseph Strauss who celebrated the success of the project with a poem.

Opened in 1937, the bridge was the “longest main span suspension bridge” across the globe until 1964 when the New York City’s Verrazano Narrows Bridge was opened.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most admired, most photographed, and probably the most beautiful Bridge in the world today. The bridge is an engineering marvel to visitors. Its natural beauty is displayed more gorgeously with the stunning Golden Gate National parks at both ends of the magnificent span.

Visitors often enjoy a chilly and exhilarating walk across the bride. The best way to experience the Golden Gate Bridge’s immensity is to walk across it. It only takes between 50 and 60 minutes to walk across and have an astonishing experience of the 1.7 miles long bridge. The side walk is open every day to visitors from morning to evening. Cars and cyclists can travel across the bridge 24 hours a day.

Visitors can rent bicycles to ride around the Golden Gate Bridge. Although there are no bike rentals at the bridge, tourists can rent at the spot basements of the Fisherman’s Wharf, from the Bay City Rental and Tour or from Bike & Roll.

It is estimated that about 10,000 gallons of paint are used yearly to repaint the Golden Gate Bridge. Though the original color of the bridge is international orange, when the sun shines, it always makes it look gold.

Over 40 million travelers and commuters have been estimated to cross the bridge yearly.

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