San Francisco, United States

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is a large urban park consisting of over a thousand acres of public ground. The Golden Gate Park is one of the greatest treasures of San Francisco and it welcomes over 13 million visitors every year. Walking into the entrance of the park is like entering an entirely new world.

The park was created when master gardener John McLaren and engineer William Hammond Hall carved out an oasis on an expanse of sand dunes to create a public space that is picturesque, diverse in horticulture, and verdant. This is to enable people to reconnect with the natural world and relax. Visitors explore lakes, playgrounds, gardens, and monuments within the Golden Gate Park. There are events, cultural venues, and an array of activities on a daily basis.

The oldest building in the park — which was opened in 1879 — is the Conservation of Flowers, which is a Victorian confection of wood and glass. It is one of the most admired landmarks in the Golden Gate Park. This facility houses about 1,700 species of rare tropical and aquatic plants. These include carnivorous plants, giant water lilies, world renowned collection of orchids, and over 100 year old giant imperial philodendron.

The conservatory is one of the park’s most famous attractions. The conservatory valley where the building is situated, has intricately designed flowerbeds that bloom almost all through the years. Along the stairs are palm trees that lead to the conservatory and provides a great frame for the central dome. The Arizona Garden is in the east of the conservatory has species that are drought tolerant and the radiant Dahlia Garden blooms into the early fall through the summer months. The conservatory of flower can be located at the Golden Gate Park’s eastern end at 100 John F. Kennedy Drive.

Visitors also enjoy the music concourse, which is a civic and cultural space within the park. The area is a landscape basin between the De Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences. The music concourse is used as a picnic spot and a respite for visitors that visit the park and surrounding facilities. It also hosts free concerts during the summers on Sundays.

Explore the Botanical Garden of San Francisco in the Golden Gate Park near Lincoln Way and Ninth Avenue. The Botanical Garden conserves and grows plants from all over the world. The 55 acres landscape open space garden contains more than 8,000 varieties of plants. Stroll through the collections of the garden and see the camellias, rhododendrons, succulents, and magnolias.

Visitors walk through the Mediterranean Garden and coast redwoods to explore cloud forests from Southeast Asia and meso-America. You can also wander the gardens of flora from California, Japan, Australia, Chile and many other countries. The 1965 designed Garden of Fragrance allows the visually impaired visitors to enjoy the plants when they touch and smell them.

Specially included exhibits of the park are the popular favorites like miniature garden railroad and the Butterfly Zone.

Keep an ear opened and keep an eye out for birds singing, feeding, resting and nesting. Many migrating birds stop at the Golden Gate Park and are great entertainment to visitors of the park.

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