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Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden of San Francisco is located within the Golden Gate Park. The garden is housed on 5 acres of land. The attraction features a high-arching drum bridge which is a relic of the original Japanese village, a gravel, and stone constructed Zen Garden, a five-story pagoda that dates back to the 1915 international exposition of the Panama-Pacific, many stone lanterns, elaborate carved wood gates, a series of koi ponds, souvenir shop, and a tea house.

A tour of the Japanese Tea Garden and the building creates a unique feeling with the astonishing scent of wisteria and beautiful blooms, great sights of statues and regal lanterns, and the noise of the waterfall covered by azalea.

The Japanese Tea Garden is rich in history and creativity. The attraction is always a favorite stop for visitors exploring the Golden Gate Park. The park is more than just a place to stop by and sip tea. In fact, sipping a cup of tea is the least exciting activity of the alluring garden.

Being the United State’s oldest public Japanese garden, the structures and sculptures of the garden are influenced by the religious beliefs of Shinto and Buddhist. The garden contains many elements of rocks and water to create a calming environment, intentionally designed to calm people down.

The tea house is a complex of Japanese style pruned and arranged plants, trees, ponds, and many paths. Among the trees and shrubs of the garden are camellias, azaleas, cedars, magnolias, pines, a great collection of bonsai, and some plants that are intricately shaped.

The Japanese Tea Garden is a place to relax and meditate. The scenery and surroundings of the attraction foster and promote relaxation and meditation. Visitors sit in the quiet corners of the garden with an indulgent scent to read and meditate.

It is a must to carry a fully charged camera along when visiting the Japanese Tea Garden. Capture the creative greenery, the colorful blooms, enchanting landscapes, and the striking architecture to create a special memory of the gentle moment. Many of the locations within the garden are great memorable scenes. Popular snapshot scenes of the garden are the crane sculpture, the Temple Gate, The Sunken Garden, and The Brick Terrace. The Hagiwara Gate is also a great place to grab a shot.

There is also a gift shop where you can explore and purchase Japanese inspired souvenirs. Tourists enjoy roaming around the charming and captivating tea garden while sipping a cup of tea, although buying a cup of tea is not as important as the visual excitement of the garden.

The Japanese Tea Garden is opened for free when you enter on Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 10:00 AM. The garden is opened to visitors from 9:00 AM to 6 PM during the summer and from 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM during the winter periods.

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